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Other delivery options available

USB FLASH DRIVE - We will put your runs on a USB Flash Drive and mail it to you. You can view your runs on your computer, copy them to your hard drive and upload them to the social media websites of your choosing.
Check here to request a Flash Drive ($10 per order).

YOUTUBE LINK - We will upload your runs to our YouTube account and send you the link by email. The link will be set to "Unlisted" and you can share your link with friends. You can also share your run on Facebook or other social media sites. Makes a great addition to a DVD order.
Check here to request YouTube links ($2 per run).

​​​Paws in Action,LLC 

Agility Runs $8 each

We will upload your runs to Dropbox and email you a link to download them to your computer.

A Dropbox account is not required.

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